How I found my new normal

F**k  It.  I’m out.

Once upon a time (in 2016 to be exact), I had been sitting, pondering about officially launching this blog of mine.  I had been holding off going public worrying about how it would affect the work I’d been doing.  Thinking by some miracle my condition would pass (ha).

I didn’t want to look like a fraud (you know, I might roll over one day and be restored back to the manufacturer’s settings??).  But realistically, I had been fooling myself thinking, at that point, that I could resume  a “normal” working life.  Whatever that was anymore.  Dream on. My work had been suffering anyway.  In fact, I had to completely rethink it.

A new normal was required.

Truth is, at that particular time, as I attempted to do a bit more of old ‘normal’, the adrenaline/blood pressure issues would rise up and chop those return to ‘normal’ aspirations off at the knees.  I was so totally fed up with continually trying.  I couldn’t even swim properly without my body showing signs of the shakes and I was getting chest pains just from watching the TV!

I was 18 months in with this crap and I’d had enough of trying to fit the ‘old me’ mould.  I decided to stop trying to kid myself that I could do all this stuff and just stop.

My body had seemingly already started tuning in to the ‘desert island’ life.  However, the glimmers of normality that came with that seemed to perk me up so I would start doing a little bit more and then, whoa, dooooowwwn I would go again.  I’m a clever girl but it took me simply ages (years actually and still learning) to work out a balance which didn’t get totally stuffed around by circumstances in and out of my control.

I was beaten and ‘over it’.

I love seeing friends and networking, but I was finding it hard to stay  connected and not go mental with isolation.  I’m an excitable, motor mouth (now I know by design with this thing) but I had turned into the chick that had to leave the ‘party’ almost as soon as it started  because my body would get so hyped up and literally hurt if I outstayed its welcome.

And trying to engage ‘normally’ invariably ended up with a massive slap across the face in the form of a good old fatigue crash afterwards.  Up. Down. Round and Round. Forwards. Backwards. Everyday. I was hopelessly worn out.

So I surrendered.  It was time to get off the merry go round.

So here I am, I’m “out”.

Blog launched (tick). The new me arrivee (tick).

And you know what.  It felt so good.  It still feels good.  To stop pretending.  To accept where I was.  Where I still am.

I’m glad I took the chance.

With that chance came freedom.

Freedom to be me.

The rest of my story you see here 🙂

9 thoughts on “How I found my new normal”

  1. Thanks Elly. There has to be other people like me out there to compare notes with so hopefully this finds a way of reaching them!

  2. Raw, honest and real. Hope you find some solace in writing my friend. You are darn good at it ?.

  3. Congratulations for pressing ‘go’ and stepping forward as the real you. What a relief it must be to your whole system and what an inspiration to others.

  4. Well done for getting it out there and I hope it helps to create some connection that you can’t do physically. What a great way to help others my gorgeous friend.

  5. So glad you decided to start blogging Jayne. I wouldn’t have found my online networking buddy otherwise 💗
    Sam x

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