How to Get a New Life – Chapter 1 “The Unwanted House Guest”

How to get a new life – “The Unwanted House Guest”

I love a bit of Rumi and this poem really resonated with me given I have my own version of an unwanted house guest that forced me to change my life and slow down.  Take a moment to read it:

For me, my house guest is this permanent thing I now need to live with.  It’s been 18 months of living with a body that just does shit but, on reflection, it has given me much which I am thankful for.

One of the nice things that has come out of my unfortunate health issues is my sense of today is not the same as my last.

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Somehow different.  What I want to make it.  Doing stuff I love to the level I can manage.  My week has had to become tailor made for me. What does each day look like to you? The same as yesterday? Chances are you’re in 9-5 job working 40 hours and more a week. Before I got sick,  I was there too.  I loved it but it sucked at the same time too.  I always referred to it as my hamster wheel. In slowing down but also still being able to focus on what I love, my whole perspective has changed.  I have been able to create something that is entirely right for ‘me’.

I have space to actually think.

I am living far more in the present and not so much in my head, free to experience the world around me in all its trivialities. I have more space to be kinder and more compassionate (I am not prodding my adrenaline as much and snapping at the kids like I used to).  I have to go slow for what I can cope with – I set my pace, no one else does.  I have created a new me – with the ‘thing’!

Sure there have been sacrifices.

My body ain’t at all what it used to be and everyday there is something about my condition I have to navigate which can make some days really hard.  I can still do stuff but it’s always with modification or avoiding certain triggers. I still participate in the corporate world just in a different way.  I had to get creative. This new place I find ourselves (and I include my family in that)  is richer in some ways I never imagined and, even though there has been no choice in it, in some ways I wouldn’t trade it.  Without being dramatic, it feels like a new chance at life.  This thing was my shit hitting the fan or, as I referred to it the other day, the bus that stopped me in my tracks.

So who is your unwanted house guest?

Is it an illness?  It is a certain situation or someone you are dealing with? It is a job you no longer love? What is it they are guiding you towards and, if you changed things, what is it you could become?

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