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Stories about tachycardia symptoms for those with dysautonomia or postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS)

Are you living on adrenaline?

Are you running around on adrenaline, much like ‘roadrunner’ just running non stop?

Following my own rather large run in with adrenaline and the diagnosis of having dysautonomia and being hyperadrenergic (a-dren-err-gic – I still have problems saying it) I’ve become somewhat interested in the role it plays on the body and thought I would share some of what I know.  So here goes…. Continue reading Are you living on adrenaline?

My top 10 countdown for living with dysautonomia and EDS

Three years after things went awry with this body of mine, I’ve now got myself to a much better place.  It’s taken some effort to work out what’s worked and what hasn’t. So, I thought it was about time I took stock and wrote part II of my Goldilocks ‘just right’ plan in the form of my own top 10 countdown for living with dysautonomia and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (Hypermobility Type)!

So here are the “hits” for your enjoyment…

Continue reading My top 10 countdown for living with dysautonomia and EDS

How to manage panic attacks without panicking!

40% of people deal with panic attacks at some point in their life and often in silence.

I think it’s time we lifted the lid and talked about how to manage panic attacks, what they feel like and what can cause them. Continue reading How to manage panic attacks without panicking!

The poo truck

My wham bam health issues appeared in November 2014. However, looking back, before my ‘tsunami’ of symptoms hit, a slow trickle of odd symptoms had appeared.  I’d been under quite a bit of stress from a job for a period of 6 months and I had a few odd, isolated bodily symptoms occur (which I can now recognise as the early warning signs).  I had weird aches in my hands, I was thirstier than normal, I was wired and tired, I got the shakes when under pressure and I started getting weird nightmares on top of insomnia (Dennis the Menace flying spider kind of nightmares).  I then experienced the ‘oh god I feel shit I must be unfit’ after pilates (come on?) and I had my first proper almighty so-called panic attack (an ambulance job).  But many of these were simply explained away as stress related reactions.

Then I sealed my fate by visiting some hot springs for the day in late November 2014.  Continue reading The poo truck

Supercharged out of my head

Yup you guessed it, another adrenaline attack. God it’s a pain in the neck.  My meds were changed 3 weeks ago because of adrenaline issues, I had reduced my meetings and the intensity of my exercise program and was doing really well.

Then I changed something.  Moved my usual morning exercise to the evening last night, evidently when the impact of my glory wonder drugs were at their lowest, and had a sleep from hell.    Continue reading Supercharged out of my head