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Stories about fibromyalgia symptoms for those with dysautonomia, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome or a chronic health condition

Living with Dysautomonia and EDS – Chapter 2 “The Poo Truck”

What living with dysautonomia and EDS feels like – “The Poo Truck”

My wham bam health issues appeared in November 2014. However, looking back, before my ‘tsunami’ of symptoms hit, a slow trickle of odd symptoms had appeared.  I’d been under quite a bit of stress from a job for a period of 6 months and I had a few odd, isolated bodily symptoms occur (which I can now recognise as the early warning signs).  I had weird aches in my hands, I was thirstier than normal, I was wired and tired, I got the shakes when under pressure and I started getting weird nightmares on top of insomnia (Dennis the Menace flying spider kind of nightmares).  I then experienced the ‘oh god I feel shit I must be unfit’ after pilates (come on?) and I had my first proper almighty so-called panic attack (an ambulance job).  But many of these were simply explained away as stress related reactions.

Then I sealed my fate by visiting some hot springs for the day in late November 2014.  Continue reading Living with Dysautomonia and EDS – Chapter 2 “The Poo Truck”