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Stories about change for those with a chronic health condition or anyone else needing to slow down

My 3 big things to finding freedom in life

Finding freedom in my life is a relatively new discovery for me and something I’ve become very passionate about. Ever since getting sick, I’ve somehow managed to continue pursuing my passions and I’ve found unexpected freedom as a result.

So to mark the end of two very different years for me workwise and lifestyle wise, I thought I would share the 3 big things I’ve done that have led me to finding freedom in my life.

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Sheryl Chan: Living well with chronic illness

Sheryl Chan runs “A Chronic Voice”, a health, wellness and chronic illness blog.  She shares her experiences in hope that it raises awareness on silent disabilities, and to let others know they are not alone in this.  Here’s a little more on her thoughts about living well with chronic illness.

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How I accepted my new normal

That.  Is.  It.  I’m out.

In April 2016, I had been sitting, pondering about officially launching this blog for months.  A contact of mine encouraged me to just do it… “dude, press go, what have you got to lose?” The truth was I had very very little to lose.  I had been holding off going public with reams of diary entries I had written over the preceding 6 months worrying about how it would affect the work I’d been doing.  Thinking by some miracle my condition would pass.  I didn’t want to look like a fraud (you know I might roll over one day and be restored back to the manufacturer’s settings??) but realistically I had been fooling myself thinking, at that point, that I could resume  a “normal” working life.  Whatever that was anymore.  Dream on. My work had been suffering anyway.  In fact, I had to completely rethink it.

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How to manage change when the future is unknown

I have written the following post in collaboration with Sam Moss of My Medical Musings and I have referenced some of the posts that Sam has written there.  It makes for powerful reading in terms of what you can do to better manage your personal circumstances when you find yourself in a place of despair.  Her learnings will also help anyone undergoing change when that change is occurring through choice.

Here’s some of her story.

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How the power of acceptance helped me embrace my life

It’s not until I fully embraced my health circumstances that I was able to live peacefully with them.

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Are you living on adrenaline?

Are you running around on adrenaline, much like ‘roadrunner’ just running non stop?

Following my own rather large run in with adrenaline and the diagnosis of having dysautonomia and being hyperadrenergic (a-dren-err-gic – I still have problems saying it) I’ve become somewhat interested in the role it plays on the body and thought I would share some of what I know.  So here goes…. Continue reading Are you living on adrenaline?

How to become the artist of your life

Are you tired of working in a place where you feel your best is not good enough?

Do you dread going into work every day because the environment leaves you feeling sick? Are you in a job you hate?

Are you feeling totally burnt out like you’ve been left on the career grill plate too long? A friend of mine found herself in one of these unfortunate positions, she chose to resign and is now contemplating life. She’s not alone. In fact, finding yourself in this predicament is unfortunately very common place.

So it was with some fervor that I summarized this particular conversation with my friend. The dilemma we mused was how to bring in enough (money), doing that thing you love without flogging yourself at the same time. Hmm, OK, where to start?

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