How to Get a New Life – Chapter 3 “Discover Some New Dreams”

“How to Stop and Discover Some New Dreams”

One of the best things by far that has come out of my enforced simpler existence has been to re-experience stuff.

Stuff I had forgotten about or stuff I’ve discovered that’s completely new.

Finding out I had a chronic illness has meant a complete rewrite of me and the discovery of some new dreams. 

I’ve had to let go of some pretty big stuff, the big one being my ambition and the drive I had in relation to my work.  My body just cannot sustain the level of effort that work requires of me anymore.  So work has now been relegated to a second place position.  I still do a bit to keep my hand in but I try to balance it to ensure my adrenaline, blood pressure and fatigue levels all remain in check (with some mixed results).

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Putting work to metaphorical bed has enabled me to experiment!

She says with a tinge of excitement.  It has opened me up to rediscover some things about myself and what I like doing and, really, to see where it leads.  So here’s a little bit on where I am at the moment…

Writing has been a MAJOR discovery for me.  By career, I’m a change management consultant so writing communications has always been a part of that.  But what I hadn’t appreciated was I actually quite like writing about myself and what I’m learning about.  I never thought in a million years I would enjoy doing that and putting myself out there.  But with the appearance of this condition and the need to engage through other gentler means, I am now writing and doing better than I thought at it.

I reach out to others, provide advice, connection, support or just a bit of laughter to help them get through their day.  That’s my aim.

Writing is also very cathartic for me.  It gives me a sense of peace and calm.

It keeps me centred on living a calmer life.  And I can do it from the comfort of my bed or lounge chair too – so it suits this wonky body quite well.

The associated stuff with writing and creating my blog has been social media and IT.

OMG what a baptism of fire!

I think I must have been hiding under a rock all my life because there is so much to learn.  How to engage?  How to increase your reach?  The multiple platforms.  Where to even start?  How to stop getting hacked! Most recent learning that one.

The only danger with social media is it’s a bit like work – addictive!  I always said I would never be a slave to it and avoided joining too many social platforms over my life.   But with my enforced state of isolation now it helps me to ‘get out’ – albeit differently!  I just have to balance how much time I engage with it to not provoke the adrenaline and the maniacal wind up toy.  The job is never done, so that’s something I have to watch.

Then there’s….. knitting!

Sorry what did you say?  Weren’t expecting that were you?  Complete u turn and change of tempo right here right now.  Other planet here we come.  Yes, that’s right – knitting!

But not your conventional style of knitting.  Aha see you knew there would be a twist didn’t you!  My discovery has been BIG knitting on BIG needles.

Back in the mists of time, I used to be quite creative – Mum still has the pottery attempts to prove it.  I also did a bit of knitting, crochet and ended up being quite the dressmaker.

I haven’t been able to ressurect the dressmaking since it’s too upright for me and doesn’t bode well with the blood pressure issues but anything done on a couch (with my legs up) works a treat.

Can you see my new lifestyle theme here?  Horizontal features highly!!

I have no idea where all this new creative stuff will take me.  It’s all a bit all over the place frankly – a bit here, there and everywhere.  But that I think is where the magic will happen, I am just following my nose and the fun of where it may go.

Having the time to experiment has been quite enlightening.

Whilst getting sick was the most shittiest thing that has ever happened to me and still challenges me everyday, I can thank my health condition for opening my eyes to a whole world of stuff I probably would never have even touched!  If my condition hadn’t shown its face, I would never have (re)discovered that creative fire in my belly.  It would have been under lock and key until perhaps retirement and by then perhaps too late to really do something with it.

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I never thought I’d be saying thanks to this health condition, but there you have it! So thank you wonky body for making me stop and discover some stuff I never really knew about myself (or had simply forgotten) and thank you for making me stop and discover some new dreams for myself.

I look forward to keeping you updated with where it all leads….