Finding Balance in the Madness – Chapter 1 “Meditating like a Mad Woman”

How to find more balance in your life – by “Meditating like a Mad Woman” of course!

If you had asked me two years ago what I thought about meditation, you would have got a scoff, a sniff and even perhaps an eyeball roll.

I had had some experience of trying it before but I often came out wondering what visualising, body scanning and breathing actually did for me (other than the obvious!!).

What I hadn’t appreciated was the calm I often felt during and after doing it.  Me thinks now my head was probably just buzzing a bit much for me to see the wood for the trees!!

It’s only been more recently that I have rediscovered meditation as a way to counter my rising adrenaline  (or at least try to).  I have approached meditation like I do most things in my life (with some gusto) and I try to do a few minutes of it everyday – am not there yet, invariably something else comes up to occupy me (!) but at the very least I think ‘I’m thinking about it’!   Overall, it has helped a lot to calm my day.

Unfortunately, I’m not a candidate for meditation retreats (or anything to do with massage) since I discovered, after signing up for a series of hour and a half meditation classes, that too much of a good thing drops my bp too much with disastrous consequences when I get up so I take what I can get!!  I guess I’m the evidence that it really works at least!!

There’s a lot of books and audios you can buy to support you as well as apps you can use/subscribe to. It is quite the ‘in’ thing so there is a load of stuff out there.  However,  the best one I have found has to be the gorgeous Elisabeth Blaikie who runs a website called ‘‘ which contains 100s of free guided audios and a 5 day ‘how to meditate’ tutorial (with a facility to make an in-kind donation if you so wish).  The audios are brilliant. I am not focused enough to be able to adequately do meditation myself – I try, but I find my brain flip flops back, forth and sideways and it becomes too much of a disjointed experience (you know the deal, where am I again? Oh yes meditating).  Having someone guide me through it is much more me and helps keeps me on the straight and narrow.

So for more calm in your day and to feel that little bit lighter, go and give meditation a try.  It will help you connect to that body of yours and quieten the mad chatter in your brain (hopefully) – but you do need to keep at it for the benefits to accumulate.

If it’s feeling like it’s something only hippies or yogis do (and you’re not one of them) or you think it just sounds like a load of bunkum then, I don’t know, call it something else like ‘quiet time’ or ‘time out’ if it helps.  We tell kids often enough to do this, what we need to realise is we need space for restoring and quietening too.   Anyone can benefit from it and it works hand-in-hand with other strategies you may be adopting to do things a bit simpler, slower and kinder for yourself.

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  1. I’ve just been doing one myself. Under a bit of stress and the maniacal wind up toy comes out. Meditation really helps switch my adrenaline overload off.

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