Kamilah Howard: Living well with chronic illness

This week I would like to introduce you to Kamilah Howard from Anchoredinhealth.com.

Kamilah has asthma and gluten intolerance. Her asthma symptoms are mostly exercise-induced, which is something she does almost every day. Her gluten intolerance really affects what she eats day to day, but it’s very manageable through a gluten free diet.

Listening to her body

She was pretty young when she first noticed asthmatic symptoms. She found it difficult to run or do any high intensity, active workouts. At the time, she was doing competitive ice skating and soccer.  Through careful assessment of other triggers, she realized her asthma was connected to her allergies.  She would get inflammation from eating certain foods which then led to difficulty breathing. It  was a fairly gradual thing but she benefitted from paying attention to her symptom patterns very closely.

In terms of how her illness impacts her today, she is fortunate that she is still able to work with her illness. Asthma is something that can be controlled, depending on the severity of your symptoms. The only time she’s ever had to leave work is because of an asthma attack or tightness in her chest, where she has to go to hospital for a breathing treatment. She is able to manage her illness with preparation.

Managing health with diet and exercise

As well as adopting a gluten free diet, Kamilah keeps herself healthy through working out a lot, and really enjoys high intensity workouts.  She tries to keep a consistent workout schedule and has noticed a difference in her ability to breathe when she doesn’t engage in physical activity, since it gets harder to keep up a decent pace in her workouts.

Mindfulness and positivity are her cornerstones to optimum health

Her illness has motivated her to focus on what she can do as opposed to what she can’t. She likes to think outside the box and find strength in her perceived weakness. It has also given her indicators on when it’s time to take a break. Her points here really resonate with me. It’s only by knowing your body and its triggers intimately that you can learn to pick up the smallest sign and take early action to address it.

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Advice for others

I asked her what advice she would give to others. She said “never give up. If you don’t like the way your treatment is going, then look for other options (if possible). Sometimes there are limited options for treatment or only one option. If that’s the case, then research and create a way to make that process easier, improving your quality of life. Find what works for you and then stick to it. Your body will thank you for the consistency.”

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For the future she plans to continue writing and sharing her experiences on her blog, anchoredinhealth.com.

She loves meeting new people on this journey to better health.

She says “If my experiences with my asthma, gluten intolerance or other challenges can help others, then I have accomplished something great.”

A lady after my own heart x

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