How to Get a New Life – Chapter 2 “Freedom to Choose”

How to get a new life – “What Could Freedom to Choose Look Like to You?”

One of things I’ve been forced to do with this thing I have is slow down.

A hard ask for someone who has spent all her life on the go, applying herself with gusto to just about anything and everything.

Unbeknowns to me I had literally been living my life on adrenaline –  I loved being busy, always been like it, never knew anything different, until now.

It was time to seek some freedom from all that. 

Having now stepped into dysfunction territory the only choice I’ve had is to stop.

And whilst an enforced stopping was initially bloody hard to do (with a body that was just in ‘go’ and full on ‘rev’ mode) things have now settled enough to go a bit more with the slower flow.

Some days I do wonder whether my health condition made me the ultimate victim of life in our tech charged 24/7 working world?

Regardless, there would be plenty of people out there who have whipped themselves up into a frenzy and need to slow down from the daily berserkness and total madness that is their career or working life – for both their mental and physical wellbeing.

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Adrenaline is like a drug.

It can lure you in but once it gets hold, and in my case has become a little hard coded, it can be very hard to switch it off.  So how to crack the code, switch it off and do something more body appropriate?

Well here’s my list of the big 3 do’s that have at least enabled me to slow down, reinvent myself and put in more suitable conditions for myself.  They are in the order which they occurred and not all of it by design which is the exciting part:

1. Go freelance! Waaaht? Yes I’m serious.  Some may think this to be pretty stressful (stepping out of a permanent paid job) but putting yourself in the driving seat helps you determine what work you WANT to do WHEN you want to do it.  You can do work which you like to do, be selective about who you do it for and you are in charge of turning off the tap if it gets too much (or in my case you can sub-contract some of it out).  YOU drive the agenda and can take some control back!

2. Downsize!! Are you nuts woman? Change your job and move???  The two biggest life changes you can make??  Yup.  Take a load off from that mortgage and other household expenses.  Free yourself.  Go live somewhere cheaper.  In our case, we initially rented our big money pit of a place out and rented a place down at the beach.  We have now bought a very modest sized place at the beach and we eventually sold the money pit.  No looking back now!

3. Physically move somewhere that switches you off.  Somewhere quiet.  By moving to the beach, I extracted myself from the history of who I was and where I was and it enabled a transition to this new, much less busy place I find myself.  It’s enabled me to rewrite the ‘book’ of myself unencumbered by what was.

By moving somewhere cheaper, we unlocked the need to keep on the money treadmill and I achieved more freedom in what I could do for a living.  It has helped us achieve that new life. 

I’m not saying it was easy, I was saying goodbye to the career which pretty much defined me but in some ways it was easier because I had no choice (my health wouldn’t allow me to do it any other way).

By moving somewhere quieter, I could then tweak my own business to more readily suit what my body was able to cope with.  I had space to think and work out what that was.

Initially, before I really knew what I was dealing with, my freelance stuff didn’t look much different to my permanent job except of course that I found it much more ‘me’.  The type of work I was doing was just so much more fulfilling than what I was required to do in my previous full time job and without the stress of the ‘political’ landscape you get in a permanent job.

Then by moving, due to discovering that I had to cut it right back permanently and do things completely differently again, I have been able to try out new ways of working that are more accommodating of my condition.  This is still very much a work in progress but I am now working on a very part-time basis and pretty much all of what I do is from home (give or take the odd external meeting).

We have had to cut our expenditure back hugely and  pull the kids out of their school but somehow doing it all together as a family has brought us closer.  Yes it’s bloody tough and we have had to budget within an inch of our lives but, when it boils down to it, all I’ve found I’ve needed is my family and it nurtures me far more than anything money can buy.

Apart from this sometimes scary health condition I now live with, an enforced simplification of my life was quite simply the best thing that happened to me.

Our lifestyle change has meant I have reconnected with my kids and my husband.  If this thing hadn’t stopped me in my tracks I reckon I would have blinked and that time would have been gone.  I would have missed it.

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I often think that this situation was my lesson in life to be had.

The above changes have been two years in the making for us and life is still evolving.  However, by just starting it can set off a pretty amazing life changing chain of events.

So maybe it’s time you looked at your life?

What needs to slow down and what does freedom to choose look like?

How can you enable yourself to get there, make a start and just do it?

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