Could it be POTS or Dysautonomia?

Exhausted all the time? Dizzy? Anxious? Could it be POTS or dysautonomia?

It can affect you at any age and there are many reasons it can present itself. Perhaps your doctors haven’t been able to put their finger on what’s wrong or you still feel something is amiss? Could it be POTS?

The following article about a young man and his journey to get diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) will provide some interesting insight into what this form of dysautonomia is and how, to the untrained eye, it can be missed.  It may help provide some inspiration and courage to others of you in a similar predicament.  Click here to view it.

Here is my original shopping list of symptoms – aptly named “The Poo Truck“.  POTS is one of the things I suffer from but was originally misdiagnosed as anxiety.  My own root cause to my autonomic issues is joint hypermobility so if this sounds like you too, you may like to read this post on Ehlers Danlos also.

Please also check out the bookmarks on this site and also check out my Facebook page – there’s additional information held there on what to look out for.

But the long and short is, if you feel something is wrong then pursue it.

Don’t be put off by walls that get put in your way.  Keep going until you get your answers and, most importantly, trust your gut.  You are always right.