Charlotte Wells: Living well with chronic illness

This week, I would like you to meet Charlotte Wells from  Charlotte has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic pain. ME/CFS and Myoclonic Seizures. She talks here about how she does her best to live as well as she can with her chronic illnesses.

Charlotte’s long term sickness developed after a series of acute illnesses and accidents. She developed facial pain after becoming ill with Bells Palsy (facial paralysis) caused by an ear infection. Her hip pain was caused by a car accident. The fatigue and fibromyalgia developed after a series of consecutive issues – she had her appendix out, got stomach ulcers, suffered liver problems (as well as the Bell’s Palsy and the car accident) which occurred all in the space of about two years. It was a lot to contend with. She went from being a super active, regular 14 year old to struggling to get out of bed virtually overnight. One day everything was ‘normal’ the next she was in hospital with stomach pain and she was never the same afterwards.

On a daily basis her biggest struggle is facial and hip pain along with fatigue.

Managing work and illness

Charlotte doesn’t work in the sense of a 9 to 5 and says that’s something she’s really struggled with mentally. Finding her purpose in life and finding a reason to wake up in the morning has been the most challenging. Yet, starting her blog and sharing her story has really helped with that and she now considers blogging her ‘job’.

Finding her way to a better place

Accepting her condition has been the biggest and hardest step in moving towards a better place. She’s no longer looking for a cure that doesn’t exist and she has adapted to living with her illness. Yes, she has bad days and hasn’t found acceptance easily. In some ways, she felt like in accepting her illness she was letting it win. But that’s not been the case.

Her illness was what led her to starting her blog and blogging has truly been one of the best things to ever happen to her. She’s met so many amazing people and had opportunities that she doubts she would have had otherwise. She feels like her illness has made her appreciate life in ways she may not if she was healthy. She’s grateful for even the bad days, because she’s here and sometimes just being alive is enough which is a win for Charlotte.

Advice for others

I asked Charlotte, based on her experience what she would advise others.  She says “You may be in a really rubbish place right now, but you’re alive and in my book that’s a win. Acceptance of your situation will allow you to move on. Remember you’re not alone, social media and finding others who can relate has played such a big part in my life. Surround yourself with a good strong support network and try to stay positive”.

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What’s next?

Charlotte wants to keep focused on sharing her story and life online and be as happy and healthy as possible. Ultimately, she wants to be the best version of herself that she can be.

Thanks for sharing some great words of wisdom Charlotte.  I love the positivity you apply to your situation. Acceptance was also a turning point for me.

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