Exercising with Dysautonomia – Part 2 “Bite Sized Cardio”

My trials and tribulations of exercising with dysautonomia and EDS – “Bite Sized Cardio”

After ditching cardio for 3 weeks to try to allow this body to calm down (with mixed and not very successful results I have to say), I resolved to do SOMETHING. After all the pain my bloody leg muscles went through in Sept and Oct when I restarted exercise I can’t put myself in a position where I have to go through that again.

So, the new plan is to exercise on days I have minimal on (ie. Don’t have to front up for a talk fest within 2 hours of it occurring) AND… this is the important bit NOT to go bonkers at it!  See the trouble with adrenaline, as I have become all too aware of, is you think you can do more and I certainly get a bit supercharged when I’m in go mode (cue motormouth and, in the past, doing everything quick as a flash, zoom zoom zoom, setting myself overly big goals).

Unfortunately, as I am learning, I now get payback big time if I do that.  Spesh would ideally like to see me manage exercise everyday but some days it just isn’t possible if I have a work meeting on – bod just doesn’t seem to cope with all that excitement.  But today it’s the weekend so I’ve decided a gentle, short cycle ride is in order…you know, enjoy the scenery type ride.  Actually look at what you pass rather than just whiz past.

I have to say this plan was working quite well until I turned around to come back and caught the head wind straight in my face.  OMG woman pedal harder!!  Someone could have power walked quicker than me on my return leg but I did it!!  Have to say I felt totally crap by the time I got back – nauseous, dizzy, sweaty as hell and gasping for breath.

Then, as I wobbled off the bike and up the step, one of my knees spasmed and gave way.  Great, just to top it all off – are we enjoying ourselves yet?!

So here I am flat out on the bed (like a flat tyre frankly) feeling rather sweaty, still nauseous and out of breath, typing this post one fingered until I feel normal again (whatever that is for today).  This really is the best part (the bed bit).  Maybe I’ll feel good about what I’ve achieved when I get my breath back??

Seriously it was only a 10min ride but one would think I’ve done a marathon the way my body carries on.  Let’s see how we go today shall we….