How to Get a New Life – Chapter 10 “My 3 Big Things”

A little round up of my tips on how to get a new life that I’m calling “My 3 Big Things to Finding Freedom in Life”

Ever since getting sick, I’ve somehow managed to continue pursuing my passions and I’ve found unexpected freedom as a result.

So, I thought I would share the 3 big things I’ve done that have led me to finding freedom in my life.

Overhaul your finances

An absolute must to manage if you are to get yourself to a better place.

Due to my health issues, our income became severely impacted. We had to make some drastic decisions to take the financial pressure off.  The stress of those changes was incredibly difficult.

We downsized, released some equity and cut expenditure in every place possible.

It wasn’t easy. Making swift decisions to move your children to new schools due to finances was heart wrenching.  Two years on, those changes have by and large been good.

You do what you have to do to make things work. Be realistic. Take the financial pressure off. Click To Tweet

Get inventive

Don’t continue to define yourself by who you were if that no longer fits. Don’t focus on what you can no longer do (or no longer want to do).

Instead, spend time thinking about what you like and what you can do. Dream a little!

Spend time thinking about what you like and what you can do. Dream a little! Click To Tweet

This isn’t a quick process. Experimentation is vital and so is finding out what you get enjoyment from.

The balance of my work has changed to become largely based from home so I can still work whilst managing my health issues.

I am focusing more of my time on how I can reinvent what I do to suit my body better.

I know I have a strong purpose around helping others so I have honed that need and redesigned my offering into more of an online coaching and development business ( and have set up a partnership with a dear friend of mine as my distributor.  I also help same friend on a part-time basis manage her consulting business (all from home).

The process has been slow due to my capacity issues but I love the freedom I have found in shaping my new future. It was an unexpected benefit. After having delivered to ‘someone else’s’ agenda for 25 years of my career, it’s nice to finally be in control of where I spend my time.

My vision ultimately is to work from home from anywhere and I am making good steps to do that. Life feels exciting again.

Ask yourself, what is it you like doing? what matters to you? what is your purpose? Get creative in defining a new vision for yourself.

Take your first, big, brave step

My first brave step was moving house. Our financial situation necessitated it. I didn’t know where I would end up or what I would be doing.

I followed my instincts and the immediate need to reduce the financial pressure and we just made the best of it.  We had to.

The stress of that first step was huge and, for a time, impacted my health badly.  However, slowly but surely, things have settled and, interestingly, have oiled the wheels for thinking about our life differently.

Moving away helped me let go of the old definition of me and allowed space for the new me to appear.

So, be brave, do what you have to do to remedy things that are not helping your situation.

Find ways to free yourself to develop this next phase of your life.

Find a way to let the light in.

“There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in” Leonard Cohen