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Stories about achieving work life balance for those with a chronic health condition or anyone else needing to slow down

Julie Ryan: Living well with chronic illness

This week I am extremely excited to introduce Julie Ryan to you, who is living well with chronic illness. For those that don’t know, the Chronic Illness Bloggers Network is the brainchild of Julie, intended to connect bloggers and businesses in the chronic illness community for mutual benefit. Julie also has her own blog called Counting My Spoons.

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Linda: Living well with chronic illness

My last post in this new series about living well with chronic illness was about Brittany and her love of coffee. This week I would like to introduce Linda, another chronic illness blogger, who lives in a most beautiful part of the world and gets to work with my favourite sweet treat – chocolate!

Life with ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia

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Brittany Wattenbarger: Living well with chronic illness

One of the things I aim to do with this website is offer inspiration to others faced with illness in living their lives as best they can.

This is the first article in a series of feature posts called “Living Well with Chronic Illness” and I am extremely pleased to introduce Brittany Wattenbarger, of A Southern Celiac, as my first guest.  Drum roll please… Continue reading Brittany Wattenbarger: Living well with chronic illness

Are you running your life?

How much of your day runs like a to-do list rather than one of pure enjoyment and fulfilment?

One day, 18 months ago, as I sat by a riverbank, I contemplated my health issues, my life and what my next steps were going to be.

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8 ways to live with mindfulness

Listening to your body and making conscious lifestyle choices will lead you to a calmer existence.

Most of you know the merits of meditation and mindfulness. Enabling quiet pause, reflection and steadiness in the here and now. Allowing worrying thoughts to pass you on by in those precious moments. But what if you could somehow adopt these practices for more than the 10–20 mins you perhaps do it each day? What if you could do it more continuously? What might that look like?

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I got sick and got a life

Finding a better life through chronic illness. Say what?  Can those two things coexist?  For me, they do.

It’s been two years since my wheels came off quite spectacularly.  It’s been two years of major body and life discovery.  Not only about this health doo dah and what it now means for my life but also how, unbeknowns to me, this health condition had been working its magic in the background prepping me for my big fall.

It had been there all along waiting for its special moment to shine.

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Confidence through quietening

Something happens when you slow down, switch off and get quiet. Real confidence.

Being a go getter for much of my life, my confidence came from achieving, doing more, being recognized for my contribution and ‘a job well done’.

I became addicted to it.

Climbing the ladder, getting more money and achieving that recognition was synonymous with how I felt about myself.

It felt good. That pay rise, that promotion, that deadline achieved.    The more I did the better it felt.

Or so I thought.

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