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Stories about insomnia symptoms for those with dysautonomia and hyperadrenergic issues

My top 10 countdown for living with dysautonomia and EDS

Three years after things went awry with this body of mine, I’ve now got myself to a much better place.  It’s taken some effort to work out what’s worked and what hasn’t. So, I thought it was about time I took stock and wrote part II of my Goldilocks ‘just right’ plan in the form of my own top 10 countdown for living with dysautonomia and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (Hypermobility Type)!

So here are the “hits” for your enjoyment…

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Adrenergics anonymous

Adrenaline, my adrenergic tendencies and I have become very acquainted.  It’s my side kick in life.

It’s a bit like your favourite tipple at the pub when someone asks ‘what’s your poison?’.  You lap it up at the time but suffer from the effects of it big time when you’ve done it to excess.  And having had to live with the excess side of things since 2014, when my body just went completely haywire, I’ve become quite knowledgeable about its impact.

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I can’t spoon for toffee

Spoonies I’m in some strife and I need your help with my pacing strategies.

This is your call to action….. (Everyone else, strange ‘spoonie’ and ‘spoon’ references will become clearer….)

Life these last few weeks has been ridiculous.  This crazy, stupid, mad woman has been cramming just too much in.  My pacing strategies have gone completely out the window.  And for what? To try and earn some god damn money.  Damn it. Continue reading I can’t spoon for toffee

Just for a bit of sleep

Not my usual buoyant self.  Woken from sleep.  Mind you it was 1am in the morning and my patience was wearing thin.  Freddie Kruger was in the house.