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Making life change is not easy. Adjusting your life especially when faced with a new set of circumstances can be really hard.
You may need to slow down or adjust your life in some way because of health impacts.  You may be looking to live your life differently for other reasons.
You may not be exactly sure how to get started or, financially, how to sustain yourself whilst you transition but ultimately you just want the freedom to choose how best to live your life.
So you might need a bit of help from the Freedom to Choose online coaching program.


About the Program

My own journey with my health has been nearly three years in the making and I’m not done yet.  I am a corporate change consultant and coach by trade and I manage my own change consulting business (The Change Place Pty Ltd, Australia).

As a result of what I have learnt, I have developed an online coaching program for others in a similar predicament to benefit from coaching which also allows me to continue to help people undergoing change (a huge passion of mine).

Accessing life coaches can be a costly exercise so the intention of what I am providing here is to provide something that everyone can access easily, including those whose income has been impacted by their circumstances.  The beauty about the approach is it is also largely self-paced so you determine what you can do when.

There is also a community Facebook coaching group that I run where I provide advice, guidance and hopefully inspiration to people going through life change.  This can be joined irrespective of purchasing the program.  The program is there to provide added structure and support to those that need it.

So if you feel you need that little bit of help finding your way to a better life, because the habits of the past keep dragging you back or you simply can’t work out what’s possible, then the program will be just for you.

More about the self-paced online program…

As a neuroscience trained coach, I will share a variety of techniques with you that you can use in your own time to reflect and identify the new goals for your life.

The overall basis of the program is about positivity – what you can do to give yourself more choice in your life, not what you can’t.

By the end of the program, you will have done a heap of reflection and developed some goals and an action plan to start to make change in your life.

  • Bec

    The sessions provided lots of positive reinforcement and a framework to help me identify the changes I wanted to make to my life.

  • Judy

    Jayne has a pragmatic approach that is upbeat and positive.

  • Maree

    How it was structured made me focus on the things that really mattered to me.  I feel it has supported my personal growth and development.

  • Anne

    The Freedom to Choose program has inspired me to get back on track!

Ready to sign up?

Giveaway for month of October to recognise Dysautonomia Awareness.  **50 FREE** Module Ones (Weeks 1-3 of the 12 week program).  Give it a whirl and see what you think!  Use coupon code: GROUP. Click here.


DIY Self Paced Program Only

**$60 USD**

  • Buy the program and complete it under your own steam!
  • PAYG Options also available (modules start at $10 USD)



Bundle Deal – Program + Coaching Support for 12 wks

$425 USD **Special Offer**

  • You get the online program + 4 x 30 min personal Skype sessions + unlimited email support for 12 wks from me (Jayne Bailey).
  • Normally valued at $860 USD!!
  • Spaces limited to max of 5 at any one time.


Further information and purchase options available through my business website

Not sure yet?

Check out a sample of week 1 of the online program here so you can see what you’re getting before you hit the checkout!

Otherwise, simply join my Facebook community group where I provide a level of support around life change and you can connect with others going through the same.


I look forward to connecting with you!

Jayne x

Hypermobile Chick Living with Dysautonomia. Making Lifestyle Change. Slowing Down.

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