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Freedom to Choose – A Better Life

The online coaching program that will change your life

Making life change is not easy.  Life change that you can sustain yourself in financially is even harder.

This is where the Freedom to Choose online coaching program comes in!

My own journey has been nearly three years in the making and I’m not done yet.  I am a corporate change consultant and coach by trade.  You can find the business version of me here.

I still think it’s ironic that I got thrown into undergoing a pretty massive personal change myself.  Someone was definitely trying to tell me something!

I continue to try out and create new ways for us, as a family, to live and I have found the freedom I have gained through this experience to be a very surprising discovery.

It has led to so much more calm and happiness in my life, despite its challenges.

My aim with this website is to offer support, inspiration and possibilities to others who may find themselves in a place that seems impossible to recover from or a future that is in doubt.

Personally, I could not have stayed true to my new path without the help of a life coach.   Where I strayed she brought me back and where I succeeded she celebrated with me.  I simply could not have done this without her.

About the Freedom to Choose Program

As a result of what I have learnt, I have developed an online coaching program for others in a similar predicament to benefit from coaching.

Accessing life coaches can be a costly exercise so the intention of what I am providing here is to provide something that everyone can access easily, including those whose income has been impacted by their circumstances.  The beauty about the approach is it is also largely self-paced so you determine what you can do when.

If you feel you need that little bit of help finding your way to a better life, because the habits of the past keep dragging you back or you simply can’t work out what’s possible, then this program will be just for you.

More about the program…

The program will be led by me over a 3 month period.  As a neuroscience trained coach, I will share a variety of techniques with you by email that you can then use in your own time to reflect and identify the new goals for your life.

The overall basis of the program is about positivity – what you can do to give yourself more choice in your life, not what you can’t.

By the end of the 3 months, you will have done a heap of reflection and developed some goals and an action plan to start to make change in your life.

Ready to register your interest?

As this is a new program, I’ve currently got a group of subscribers testing it out to ensure it’s completely ready for you at launch.

If you would like to be waitlisted for interest in the paid program please register your interest below.

By registering, please be assured you are under NO obligation to proceed with the program if you do not wish to do so.  Your details will simply be held so I can email you with further details regarding the format and cost of the program once it’s ready for launch.


By registering, you will also become an automatic member of my mailing list (if not already) and will get access to monthly communications and articles from me to help keep you inspired.

I am really looking forward to working with you in the future!

I would totally love to help you find your skipping place, whatever that may be, and I look forward to working with you to see where this may lead for you.

Here’s to a better life!

Jayne x


I am an affiliate for Health Talks Online which holds online events on different health topics.  Their educational and actionable expert talks have given individuals and families all over the world the information needed to pursue healthier lives. By gathering many medical opinions together, in an accepting, professional and respectful manner, they help you discover your path to an energetic and happy life.

Here are a couple of events coming up that I think you’ll like:

Sweet Freedom Summit

Sugar is not just candy and pastries, the soda and loaded coffee drinks you order each day; it’s also found in many other foods–foods, in fact, processed by their manufacturers to force your body into addiction.

Refined sugar is made similarly to heroin and cocaine, but triggers the brain’s receptors 8 times MORE than cocaine.

It’s a serious issue, because refined sugar is found in +80% of grocery store foods. No wonder we find it impossible to stop eating it, even though we know it’s killing us!

Two decades ago, Sherry Strong, was completely addicted to sugar. She was obese, sick and depressed to the point of wanting to die. All of that changed when she removed sugar from her diet.

If you are struggling to give up sugar or even if you simply indulge periodically-whether a health professional, busy mum or career-driven person–this event can help you, finally, improve your health and your life.

The free summit has ended but you can purchase all of the expert talks by simply clicking here to order.

Please note: as an affiliate, I will receive a commission if you place an order with Health Talks Online.

The Sweet Freedom Summit will teach you about:
*Impacts of poorly processed foods on your emotional state
*Educating your family to be supportive and healthy
*Why diets rarely work long term (and the strategy that does!)
*Creating nourishment in your heart, mind and spirit!
*And, so much more…

The Sweet Freedom Summit is online and free from April 10-17, 2017!

Global Stress Summit (April 24 – May 1)

Not everyone experiences stress the same, but everyone does feel the pressure that comes from not having enough time, energy or resources to get everything done. Yet, no one talks about it for fear of appearing disorganized or weak–but, there’s hope!

During The Global Stress Summit, researchers and thought leaders will teach you about the “new” science of stress, which shows that you can be in control of your experience! Don’t miss this event from April 24 – May 1, 2017, free and online!

Register for The Global Stress Summit here.

Why attend?

Your host, Dr. Heidi Hanna, began her expedition into the world of stress science at age 12, when she suffered from debilitating anxiety, depression and panic attacks. With no medical explanation for her symptoms, she dove into mind-body research. In this summit, Dr. Hanna interviews the pioneering researchers and thought leaders who taught her how to utilize stress as a stimulus for growth, rather than a trigger for burnout and breakdown.

Stress can impact you in many different ways, making it critical to carefully navigate this potentially damaging ailment. The Global Stress Summit is here to help!

Register for FREE now at the following link.

After the summit finishes, you can also purchase all of the expert talks to watch at your own pace.  Simply click here to order.

Please note: as an affiliate, I will receive a commission if you place an order with Health Talks Online.

The Global Stress Summit will teach you to:
– Recognize stress-related signs, symptoms and conditions
– Understand historical and present-day stress/resilience research
– Learn how stress can be harmful (or helpful!)
– Practice important stress-management skills during each talk
– G2ain simple, practical tools to build a more resilient brain and body
– Acquire the super-skill of using stress to optimize health and performance

The Global Stress Summit is online and free from April 24 – May 1, 2017!

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